Carpet Cleaning is Better & Safer with Code: Green

Many professional carpet cleaners will boast about how good they are. However, many times people overlook what kind of products the company is using during cleaning. You will be surprised how many so called “professionals” use local store bought products that do not have the formulated chemistry to produce professional results, or purchase national brand products that can be harsh for the carpets, environment, and health of the household.

When you are looking for a great carpet cleaning company, one of the most important qualities to look for besides results is the safety of the cleaning solutions they use. Is the professional carpet cleaner using a product that is backed by an organization that assures the product is safer for the environment and the health & safety of the people around the product?

All carpet cleaning companies listed on this website have pledged to use a product called “Code: Green” on all carpet & upholstery cleaning jobs. Code: Green was designed to not only clean better than many competitor cleaning solutions, but be safe enough to qualify for the EPA’s Safer Choice program.

This means that the professional carpet cleaning business using Code: Green not only cares about the cleaning results, but also cares about the environment and your family's health & safety. Make sure you only choose a professional carpet cleaning company that uses Code: Green.

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Please watch the video below and see the advantages of cleaning with Code: Green.